We’re off to Colombia for supplies January 24th, returning February 7th.

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partnersuche ohne kosten und anmeldung Thanks to the wonderful support of our clients, we are in need of additional supplies and will be heading off to Colombia for more zippers, thread, buttons, and snaps.  We’ll close January 24th and will reopen on February 7th.  We purchase many of our supplies from Colombia because we’ve found the quality is much better that the imports from China that are available here.  We’ll also be looking for more hand embroidery that Maria incorporates into her blouses.  See some samples in the Gallery.

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http://nurdanbesen.com/?bioy=rencontres-photo-d%27arles-2014&371=f4 We’ll also be spending a short time with friends and family while we’re there and will be thawing out from our cold winter here.  We appreciate everyone’s support and understanding and look forward to seeing you when we return.